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Look like from the cover? How to take care of yourself to look healthy and beautiful

Each of us dreams of a slim figure, healthy and shiny hair, strong nails and imperfection-free skin. Unfortunately, looking like from the cover requires from us some sacrifices, and sometimes also the use of special treatments. But nothing is impossible. In some cases, we have to work extra hard to achieve our goals, while in others, a few simple tricks are all it takes to look our best.

Whatever your motivation, a little motivation is all you need to get closer to perfection. Where to start?

When skin imperfections keep you up at night…

Stretch marks, cellulite and varicose veins are some of the many skin problems we as women have to contend with. Recurring acne, spider veins, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, dull complexion, pimples on the neck and shoulders, scars and moles and many, many other unsightly lesions located all over the body can spend sleepless nights. Fortunately, in the 21st century, when medicine and technology are at such an advanced level; reducing what ails us is not a difficult thing. What is more, it is at the fingertips of each of us!

How to fight stretch marks?

Stretch marks appear all over the body – mainly on the thighs, buttocks, breasts, abdomen and hips – due to rapid changes in weight: gaining or losing kilograms. They are sometimes associated with pregnancy, hormones and rapid growth. Nearly 90% of women worldwide suffer from stretch marks. Are there effective ways to reduce them? Home remedies are often unreliable. Professional removal of skin changes is very expensive – too expensive for many representatives of the fair sex. However, there is a way out of every situation. Special creams, including those with a high collagen content, as well as supplements rich in vitamin C and retinoids work best here. Regular skin care treatments in the form of scrubs and skin oiling are extremely important. The key to success is the reduction of stretch marks from red, distinctive “threads” to those that are white, almost imperceptible, looking like scars. Complete elimination is only possible with laser treatments.

Is there a proven treatment for cellulite?

Cellulite is as bothersome as the already mentioned stretch marks. Orange peel is nothing but a deformed fatty tissue, showing on the legs, abdomen and buttocks in the form of unsightly thickening. There are many reasons for its formation, ranging from improper diet, through body pollution, to microcirculation disorders. It is also impossible not to mention hormones … To get rid of cellulite it is necessary to change your lifestyle. The most important issue is a balanced diet, abundant in healthy, minimally processed foods, fiber, healthy fats and vitamins. Equally important is regular hydration of the body – two liters of water per day is the basis for an adult. For cellulite is best physical activity. Gradually introduced, it will help to achieve noticeable results after the first month.

Why are varicose veins dangerous to your health?

A combination of an unhealthy lifestyle in the form of fast food and stimulants, hot baths and uncomfortable footwear – including high-heeled shoes – promotes the formation of varicose veins. Varicose veins are nothing else than venous insufficiency – a disease created on the basis of venous hypertension caused by, among other things, pressure on veins. The ailment is particularly dangerous to health – it leads to damage to internal mechanisms, a change in the direction in which the blood flows and, as a result, to the widening of superficial veins. Neglecting this problem can end up in thrombosis or post-thrombotic syndrome, and even death as a result. The treatment of varicose veins requires a good diet, weight reduction, physical activity and a diet rich in fiber and micronutrients.

Healthy and glowing skin – make sure you have the right cream!

Properly selected cream is the basis! In the bathroom of each of us should be appropriate cosmetics for day and night. It also does not hurt to have an additional solution under makeup. The cream should be selected depending on skin ailments. Another product will work in case of bacterial acne, and yet another for wrinkles. The specific ointments, should think about ladies who want to get rid of scars or reduce dark circles under the eyes. You can find a variety of products to suit your needs.

When hair and nails need supplementation…

Scientists discovered a long time ago that even the healthiest diet cannot provide us with the right amount of vitamins necessary to maintain healthy and shiny hair and strong nails. Unfortunately, most of us live in a very polluted environment. Large cities full of smog clearly affect not only our mood and health, but also the condition of key elements for us – hair and nails. The key to success is, above all, proper supplementation, taking into account micro- and macroelements, as well as vitamins and minerals. Equally important is regular use of masks – both for hands and hair, scalp peeling, monthly trimming of split ends and use of high quality cosmetics: nail polish and hair dye.

It’s never too late for a healthy diet…

Finally, it is worth mentioning that achieving your dream figure and ideal body is not possible without a healthy diet. A healthy, balanced diet plan will help you avoid many tiresome ailments – with skin imperfections at the top of the list. A special diet is advisable when you want to lose weight fast. Weight loss should be additionally supported by supplementation and physical activity.

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