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COLLAGEN in cream, gel, tablets. Everything you need to know about collagen in cosmetics! Collagen Souvre


Collagen preparations have recently become very popular. Let’s see if by supplementing them or applying them as a gel or cream on the skin, we can influence the condition of our body and beauty.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein that is the basic building block of bones, tendons and joints. The word itself comes from the Greek (“kolla”) and means glue. This clearly shows what purpose this substance serves in the body. This is because the protein glues the skin cells together, thus ensuring proper connections between tissues, organs and vessels. It influences how you look and how fit your body is. Regardless of your age.

What does collagen do?

  • Skin condition. Collagen makes up the majority of skin tissue (as much as 72%!). Its presence or absence determines whether the skin is firm or flabby and wrinkled. It reduces wrinkles, furrows, gets rid of scars or cellulite.
  • Joint function. Collagen fills cartilage tissues by up to 53%. What does this mean? Its deficiency can cause joint pain and difficulties in movement. In the form of capsules to be taken, I recommend it to athletes or people who face joint problems. Whether you play sports competitively or as a hobby, this supplementation will help you stay healthy and improve your performance. The same goes for those who have noticed reduced mobility of their joints. Before you start your tour of doctors and physiotherapists – give a natural substance a chance.
    Gum health. As much as 60% of gums are made of collagen. It keeps the tissue firm and keeps the gums healthy, protects the teeth and prevents disease.
  • Skin appearance. It is this compound that plays the most important role in wound healing and works towards smooth, scar-free skin. Every burn or wound heals thanks to this protein.

Collagen and skin

Collagen as a recipe for ageing?

As magical as it may sound – yes, it will help you stay young for longer and delay the aging process. Of course, there are more things you can do for your well-being. A healthy diet and exercise, for example. But supplementing with collagen will definitely help you achieve the effect you want. All the processes in your body that are slower than they were years ago can be renewed by you!

You’ve probably come across the statement more than once that collagen is responsible for how your skin looks? It is the proteins that are the main building blocks of your entire body, including your skin.

In the case of facial skin, collagen is responsible for the smoothness of the complexion, evens out wrinkles and smooths out furrows. It accelerates the healing of wounds, scratches, bruises, blood vessels and facial skin imperfections. At the same time collagen makes the skin firm and elastic.

Unfortunately, as we age, our body produces less and less collagen. This process starts from the age of 25. This is when collagen production starts to decrease by 1.5% per year and the skin loses its firmness and elasticity accordingly. Think 1.5% isn’t that much? Then also take into account that with each passing year, collagen fibres are getting lower in quality. With age, the fibres become shorter, weaker and more twisted. As a result, the condition of all the organs in which they are found gradually deteriorates. This is what ageing is all about. Can it be stopped?

Collagen for young, acne-prone skin – a secret weapon in the fight against imperfections

Exactly so. Collagen creams or gels help to get rid of the effects of puberty, which are so unfortunate for the skin of teenagers. Collagen, as the building block of the skin, works by consolidating the defects caused by skin lesions. It smoothes the skin, calms lesions, balances colour. Above all, it helps the skin to prevent future changes and prevents the formation of disfiguring scars on the face.

Collagen for joint and musculoskeletal problems

Collagen supplements are ideal for anyone dealing with joint pain, restricted movement, walking, squatting, kneeling, bending…

It is what keeps bones strong, tendons flexible and joints healthy. It should be provided in the diet, so that it can be distributed by the body – to the places in most urgent need.

As we mentioned earlier, this solution applies to both older and younger people. For those who, as they get older, notice difficulties appearing in their movements. But also for anyone who, in connection with their lifestyle (e.g. sporting activities), begins to feel reduced mobility of the joints, or so-called bone bruising in the joints. This compound also influences the speed of regeneration after sports and should be supplemented so that the organism’s efficiency can be maintained at the highest level.

How to use collagen to see results?

There are a few rules that you absolutely must follow when using collagen products. Don’t worry though, it’s not difficult.

Apply collagen cream to the face, neck, décolletage or selected areas of the body – depending on the effect you want to achieve. Getting rid of wrinkles, fine lines, acne, or eliminating skin discolouration, scars, or blood vessels breaking through the skin.

The most important thing to remember when using these preparations!

Collagen likes water. It is necessary for it to be well absorbed and helpful.

Collagen tablets – drink at least half a litre of water. Ideally take a tablet between two glasses of water. Apply creams and gels to a gently dabbed face with water. My tip? Spray your face with your favourite hydrolate before applying your cream or gel.

Who are collagen products good for?

I recommend collagen products to anyone who wants to improve the condition and appearance of their body.

Gels are a good idea for teenagers who have problems with the state of their skin and acne pimples.

Creams and gels will also help teenagers or pregnant women – during the period of growth and thus stretching of the skin. With collagen you can prevent stretch marks or get rid of those that have already formed.

In addition, such products help to smooth the skin, including getting rid of cellulite and healing scars.
Ageing is a deeper topic than the skin itself or the number of years you remember. Biologically, old age can be measured by the collagen that passes out of the body. Its absence is the cause of sagging skin, lack of firmness, the appearance of wrinkles and furrows. The use of collagen gel will firm the skin, smooth it and make it wrinkle-free. Restore your youthful appearance.

Preparations with collagen are not the product of laboratories, new, “magic” substances. Collagen is a natural component of our body. It is an essential component of the body, which decreases with age.

If mature-looking skin or painful joint problems are the result of collagen running out of the body – why try to alleviate the problem with something other than this particular ingredient? For best results, support your body with natural building blocks. 

Check out collagen products and enjoy a real change!

The only company that makes collagen products from scratch that I can personally vouch for is S’ouvre. Click the link below to go to the branded shop and explore their range of cosmetics and supplements. More about them in another article coming soon!

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COLLAGEN in cream, gel, tablets. Everything you need to know about collagen in cosmetics! Collagen Souvre

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