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Ayurveda. Alternative to the diseases of the modern world based on herbs


Despite the progressive development of science and medicine, our population is becoming weaker and more susceptible to disease from generation to generation.

In recent years, the number of people suffering from diabetes, atherosclerosis and overweight has increased so much that these diseases have become the diseases of civilization.

Despite highly developed medical care and a wide range of medications, we are still sick.

Why does this happen and are there any alternatives to the medications available in the pharmacies prescribed by doctors?

What is traditional medicine?

This type of medicine, also known as herbal medicine, was already known in ancient times. It is based on medicines made from medicinal plants and herbs.

But it’s not just about the herbs. Alternative medicine uses the broadly defined “natural goods”. Many problems use… …magnets! Their goodness is worth using, for example, to cure spinal pains (we describe such a product here – Magnetic Belt), or to help restore the body’s balance thanks to magnetic shoe inserts (those interested refer to the review of magnetic inserts).

Since the beginning of their existence, people have been confronted with various diseases. So they had to look for solutions that were available to them. Discovering the world around them, they noticed that certain species of plants showed healing effects.

A great contribution to the development of this medicine was made by ancient Egypt, but also by China or India (a little later).

There is no doubt that for centuries, herbs and plants have played an irreplaceable role in everyday life. However, today, especially in developed countries, with technological progress and the development of science, they have been quite wrongly forgotten.

Despite the trend to promote conventional medicine that focuses on treating the symptoms rather than the cause, herbal medicine is beginning to be appreciated again by an increasing number of people.

Herbal detoxification: How to improve the functioning of the whole body through herbal medicine?

Herbal detoxification is simply a treatment that cleanses the body of toxins.
Why is that important?

The body has the ability to self-clean itself, getting rid of what it does not need, including the work of the kidneys or the intestines.

However, when there are too many toxins, the organs stop excreting them.

Stress and “junk food” are the main factors that make our body overloaded, tired and full of toxins. Over time, it is unable to function properly, and we begin to get sick. Then we require medical attention…

There are many symptoms that indicate the bad state of the internal organs, but the most common are: exhaustion, nervousness, digestive problems, allergies, acne, immunosuppression, as well as the diseases of civilization mentioned at the beginning, such as diabetes.

Herbal detoxification is a great and, most importantly, effective way to cleanse the body of toxins. Aloe vera and green tea, for example, are excellent for cleansing the intestines. In turn, mottled thistle and dandelion are recommended for liver cleansing.

However, it is known that the proportions selected independently of the herbs may not give the expected results. Doses too small, frequency wrongly taken… It is easy to turn efforts and money into dust. That is why it is worth considering detoxifying products already prepared.

Herbs as natural cosmetics – is it worth attacking the body with chemicals?

The use of herbs in the context of health care is really huge. It is not limited only to the care of internal organs. Many herbs and plants are widely used to care for the condition of the skin, hair and nails, or to maintain proper weight. Even more – herbs are known to be succesfull in dealing with potency problems.

Taking care of your appearance is also a way to take care of your health and well-being.

The cosmetics available on the market contain chemicals that do not have a good effect on our health. Many people complain about allergies or skin changes after using them. In the long term, the body accepts an excess of artificial substances supplied by the skin.

It is worth looking for natural equivalents and using what nature gives us.

Many of us have skin problems. Some have too dry skin, others suffer from seborrhea and endless eczema. In nature we find many remedies for these problems. For example:

  • One of the natural skin remedies is horsetail. It not only improves your general condition, but also strengthens your hair and nails, protecting them from excessive falls and breaks.
  • For skin that tends to dry out, aloe vera, known for its moisturizing properties, can help.
  • The real relief for overly sensitive or allergic skin is chamomile.
  • Green tea masks can be a solution for oily skin. They soothe acne, work well on large pores. In case of serious problems with acne and seborrhea, also the tricolor violet and field thoughts can be helpful.
  • If we are diagnosed with psoriasis and seborrhea, we can try burdock treatment.
  • Goji berries, which have been used in the medicine of Asian countries for thousands of years, are definitely worth discussing in this topic. Thanks to their richness in vitamins, they are widely used in many diseases, for example, they effectively slow down the aging process of the skin.
  • If we have an overweight problem and we want to help our body in a natural way to fight the unnecessary kilos, we can safely reach the cardamom and ginger.
  • These spices speed up the metabolism and thus help burn fat. Ginger also has strong warming properties, so it can certainly be useful during winter evenings.
  • Sage may be useful for people who have excessive sweating problems as a result of, for example, inadequate thyroid or hormonal work. It not only helps in the fight against sweat, but also against its unpleasant odor. It is also used for the care of oily hair.

One of the most interesting products we have been able to try recently (and recommend without blinking) is Essensin Ear Oil. Ear oiling is also an art known since ancient times. It makes it possible to induce a purification process in the ear analogous to the natural one. The result is a regeneration of the ear’s skin and an improvement in the quality of the sounds that reach us.

Ayurvedic Medicine

The ancient and still living art of treatment.

It is one of the most ancient healing and philosophical systems. It originated in India and is still practiced in some Asian countries. In recent years it has also begun to gain popularity in Western countries.

The name itself consists of two words: ajus, which stands for life, and verda, meaning wisdom.

It can be understood as the wisdom of life, since this type of medicine focuses on the relationship between body, soul and mind, believing that together they form an inseparable whole.

Ayurvedic medicine deals with physical and mental health.

According to this philosophy, the universe is composed of elements that maintain the balance. Our body reflects this, so it also has its natural balance.

Every illness is an alteration of the natural order, so in order to recover, the balance between all spheres must be restored.

The treatment is based on herbal medicines – usually mixtures of different herbs or plant extracts.

alternative medicine yoga

Therapy may also include cleansing treatments, essential oil massages, yoga practice and working with emotions. A vegetarian diet, based on healthy, unprocessed, nutrient-rich foods, is recommended.

This medicine is particularly effective in the early stages of the disease, as well as in prevention.

Ayurvedic Ointments

Ayurvedic ointments deserve attention. They are made from the essence of herbs that grow in virgin areas of the Himalayas, where the air is still clean and unpolluted.

They are widely used for skin problems, demonstrating their effect:

  • …reassuring,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antibacterial,
  • regenerating.

Thanks to its soothing and normalizing properties of the skin processes, it is recommended for people with acne or seborrhea problems.

It also relieves the pain and itching associated with insect bites.

It is also excellent for abrasions, cracked skin, burns, irritation and even bedsores.

Ayurvedic glasses

While delving into the subject of Ayurvedic medicine, it is impossible not to mention the plasma-free Ayurvedic glasses.

These glasses were invented thousands of years ago in the Far East, at a time when corrective eyewear did not exist.

Initially they were made of wood, today, plastic is used for their production.

At first glance they look like sunglasses. Instead of a lens, they have a black iris with several dozen holes.

The image reaches the eye through these same holes, yet is surprisingly sharp.

How do Ajuverdian glasses work?

Most visual impairments are based on a lack of adaptability – the eye cannot adapt to proper refraction.

Ayurvedic glasses naturally stimulate eye functions by turning off so-called peripheral vision. The sun’s rays reach the eye at a right angle and are not refracted.

In this way, the image you see is much sharper. Wearing them systematically, for 2-3 hours a day, is therefore a daily training for the eyes.

We encourage them to exercise, not allowing our visual disability to develop, while making their muscles stronger and more flexible.

It is truly remarkable that thousands of years ago people were able to create something that even today can be extremely useful for people with visual impairment!

Today’s world puts pressure on us, we are in a hurry somewhere and chasing something, living under constant stress…

We provide the body with junk food, we don’t give it time to regenerate, which occurs during quiet, uninterrupted sleep.

Instead of preventing various diseases and illnesses, we lead a busy lifestyle that is very conducive to them. When the body stops coping, we look for chemical agents, seeing them as our only chance to recover.

We forget that plants and herbs applied correctly can be a better solution for our problems or a strong support for chemical treatments.

However, the forms that nature offers us through herbal medicine require time to be effective, and this is what today’s eternally busy man lacks.
Therefore, in the blog we present perfectly effective, proven but also fast methods of using nature.

We select and recommend only natural products, or based on natural medicine.
I believe that thanks to them we can return to our roots, use the wisdom of our civilization and avoid disease.


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Ayurveda. Alternative to the diseases of the modern world based on herbs

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